D20 Modern: The Valiant Wardens

Man Down
Ironsides mourns in his journal.

We made it. I wasn’t sure we would when those tanks rolled in, but the Wardens acquitted themselves honorably. Knight and I got a bit beat up, but at the end, we’re all standing and the mission was accomplished.

We’ve learned some things though. We’ve learned about some folks on “our side” that have a might debt that needs repayment. Got to find out more about Cutter … maybe that damned mind rapist that went after Red Rider will have some answers. The good doctor was tending to him after Knight and I rang his bell, so I’ll question him with Mysteria when they are both conscious.

Now that that’s done, I have to do something I’m never fond off … break the news to the team that we lost one of our own. I’m not sure I fully trusted Wentworth … hell I don’t always trust myself; but Special Agent Wise-ass never let me down. Telegram I got has him taken out by a sniper round to the throat; his Momma will probably have to have a closed casket, unless the undertakers an artist. Worst part is, I’m not sure how to replace him. I’m not sure I could trust a replacement from on high, based on what we know now. I’ll talk with the Wardens and see what they think, maybe. On the other hand, I might just have to go with my gut … this can’t always be a democracy.

Time heals all wounds, I’ve heard said. The good Book says there’s a time to kill too. I figure I can have time to heal after some more killing. Some son of a bitch is going to pay for Wentworth. That’s a fact.

Agent Down
Allies Lost and Found

In our last session the Wardens uncovered much scientific evidence that led them to the conclusion that some kind of disintegration device was used on the plane found crashed in Newfoundland. This conclusion was reached after having carefully combed through the wreckage searching for clues, taking samples, and camping in the snow.

Upon the return to the US the team learned that Mysteria and Red Rider were in trouble. They rushed to Washington, DC. They discovered the girls in Red’s apartments along with several bodies of CIA agents that Red Rider had dispatched. It would seem that Mysteria was gutted by Mechanos and recovered by Red Rider. The team recovered the girls and Morthos did some life saving surgery on Mysteria.

The team also found themselves with an unlikely ally: Hard Knocks. He seems to have a liking for Mysteria and a serious dislike for Mechanos as he has ripped arms off of him twice. Radium was none-too-pleased to hear that Mysteria had developed Hard Knocks as a contact or that the big brute had seemed to develop a hint of feelings for her.

The team learned that enemies are moving against a secret government bio-weapon code named: Wild Flower. The team then went to Aberdeen Proving Grounds to secure it. There they discovered that there was a second team of “Special Agents” on the case. These agents are referred to as “Angels”. Ironsides and Radium met two of them. Bombshell and Cutter, who is said to be their leader. It was agreed that the Angels would take the up-close duty on Wild Flower whereas the Wardens would take perimeter guard duty.

Remember: Agent James G. Wentworth volunteered to head off to do some investigating around the Silver Springs, MD area to chase down leads concerning the enemy’s movements and intentions. Well, it seems he found something. He was found dead, laying nest to his car. A single rifle shot pierced his Adam’s Apple on his throat and blew out the back of his head killing him instantly. A major police and FBI search of the area has commenced. His wallet, badge, pistol, and note book were all taken from the body. Ironsides will be told this information by Col. Fortune, the base’s Provost Marshal.

It would also seem that Wentworth had managed to get some goons to clean up a certain apartment on the other side of town. This can easily be learned by having one of the team go to check thing out there.

Happy Holidays
It's Christmas Time in the Dakotas...

It has been a little over three months since the Wardens intervened and took Red Rider back to Home Plate. Things have been fairly peaceful.

Home Plate’s research center is fast nearing completion. This is exciting news for the likes of Morthos and Tempest. The base is becoming much more developed and this is becoming harder to hide from the Camp Crook locals.

Morthos has been given an official government research scientist job to go along with the new lab space. He has asked for a hiatus from his university position for a little while. With government influence, it was easily granted.

For some time, Mysteria has been looking into NEC connections in Washington, DC. This has not been as easy as she thought and the information has been scattered at best. She has taken on a deep cover position as a White House telephone operator. What she has uncovered is that there are members of the President’s cabinet that have knowledge of something known as the NEC and that the NEC’s secret research is crucial to combating the Red Threat. She has also learned that Lt. Gen. Malcolm Rogers, US Army has ties to the NEC. This is important news for Ironsides.

Feeling the Mysteria might be lonely over the holidays, Radium, has taken some liberty and traveled to Washington, DC to surprise her. He wants to light up her life…

Breaker has went back to the islands for some R & R as well. He is busily surfing, swimming, and chasing some Hawaiian girls around. It’s good to be home…

Hard Knocks remains contained in his silo. He is becoming a bit grumpier as he has not been sprung from jail yet, like he said would happen. Poor baby…

Knight decided a little vacation was in order as well. He returned to Switzerland for a little ski trip. Right before he was to leave he surprised Carla Brown with an invitation to go with him. She had never been skiing before nor had she seen the Alps. They are currently skiing together in the Alps and Knight is liking her company. She is increasing less emotionally fragile.

Ironsides decided to go home for the holidays as well. He left Home Plate in the careful supervision of Morthos and Tempest. He pulled Red Rider out of a saloon before he left. She was pretty drunk. He then put her on the train with him back to his hometown. He has had to endure Christmas with his family. Fiery little Madeline has been a big hit though. Her humor and know-how around the farm has made her popular with mom and dad.

So, our heroes are scattered to the Four Winds. All is well in the world, or is it???

Of Apples, Storms, and a Certain Artifact
Divided efforts lead to interesting results.

Major Reynolds orders the bulk of his team to New York to assist with the crises there. He also sends two Wardens to Tunisia in search of Durendal, Breaker and Mysteria.

In the Big Apple
Ironsides, Morthos, Radium, Haymaker, Yellow Dragon, and Knight all hit the streets as it has been reported that there have been strange sightings of rockets flying over New York as well as freak weather occurances in the city.

Radium takes to the air to go in search of rockets and potential Nazi bad guys. He flies around for almost an hour before he discovers a strange fog bank that has concealed the tope of a building. He lands and proceeds to investigate. He finds two things: 1. A frightened Canadian girl, Tempest. 2. A Nazi thug in a jet pack. Radium strikes hard and fast as his training dictates and eliminate the Nazi scum with a blast to his rocket pack. He then convinces Tempest to come with him back to the air port as she is seeking Dr. Eichler aka Morthos. She is under the impression she is suffering from some disease. The two fly together back to the airport.

Ironsides and the rest of his team engage in a car chase with some kidnappers through the streets of New York. This is not without incident as Ironsides attempts heroics and falls off the car to bounch down the street. Yellow Dragon leaps towards the other car from the team’s car in attempt to kill the gunman firing at the team with an MP40. The kidnappers end up having an accident and drive into a deli where several bystanders were injured with three deaths. The team engaged the kidnappers and defeated them but took quite a beating from one Nazi “Uberminch” who dosed himself with some sort of Jekell and Hyde elixir. The team was able to recover the heiress, Olivia Hume. Why the Nazis were interested in Ms. Hume is uncertain but she does seem to be grateful for the rescue. Perhaps more investigation is in order…

In Tunisia
Breaker and Mysteria are sent forth to Tunisia with arrangements made for travel back to the US when their mission is complete. So far, no contact from them has been recieved. Are they in trouble??

News from New York
Bad weather in the Big Apple

New York City has seen bursts of unusal weather in the New York City area. These occurances have been gusts of wind, small thunderstorms, and hail. According to meterolgists there is no known reason for these occurances.

Action Message
Canadian Science Project may be in New York area. Intelligence indicates this as a probable location. RCMP reports information of transportation records heading to New York. Canadian Science Project is codename: Tempest. It is weather related. Analsts predict that Tempset has something to do with weather control.

Additional issue in the form of Kampf Group, former Nazis, in the New York area. They may be seeking to gain Tempest for themselves. This is deemed to be dangerous for American security as they had already attacked US soil once before.

GM Note: Kampf is the group of Nazi buttheads that you first encountered in the Florida Keys.

Psychic Intelligence Report #1
Mysteria's info gathered from her infiltration and interrogation.

Infiltration Report

Posing as a secretary I was able to gain entry to DGSE offices. While there I was able to gain the following pieces of information: First, the DGSE director has little faith in Wardens abilities. The Wardens were called in as a favor to certain officials in the French government. Second, there is at least one spy for the USSR in DGSE. His name is Claude Levette. Third, the call for French Army actions versus Red Star is being issed by the French Defense Ministry. Lastly, there seems to an organized effort to counter the US intelligence operations in France by some unknown parties in the DGSE. I suggest that I may have to return to the DGSE offices with a more focused information gathering purpose.

Interogation Report
Subject: Karl Mothes
Profession: Historian
Hometown: Dresden

Mr. Mothes is a historian and a member of the Teutonic Knights. He is not a full member, however. He does show signs of fascist attitudes and view points. He was a member of the German Army during World War II as a captain in the Waffen SS. He secretly holds to the ideals behind Hitler’s Final Solution. He seems to feel that the Teutonic Knights are almost capable of bringing about the Ritual of Rapture. The Ritual of Rapture is something from their beliefs that will destroy the unworthy in the eyes of God. Mr. Mothes has occultis leanings and has studied much on the occult. He is certain of the location of the Carolingian era sword Durendal. He is not certain as to how all the artifacts and relics work together. He also is not certain as to the location of these artifacts and relics. Personal Suggestion: Lock this guy up.

I await further instructions. Working with you gentlemen is going to be fun.

Operation Starfall
Well, we didn't all die. Not bad.

Draft report to Command:

We’ve been in Paris for a couple days now. We’ve made progress on some mission objectives, lost ground on others. We took some casualties, Radium and Yellow Dragon took a beating from the Cossack and company. Yellow Dragon was in need of some medical attention, Morthos was able to clean him up, but it took some surgery. Got to remind the team that we’re strong, but not indestructible.

Objective 1: Secure nuclear research/materials in Paris
Present status: Secure/successful
Details: It looks like our attempt at misdirection is succeeding. Red Star associates attempted to take the “honey pot” .. and did not fully penetrate the target. I must conclude that they cannot be certain the target was present, and they should assume that it’s now out of immediate reach. I expect further probes to recon for possible locations. Need to consider setting another trap, if they don’t try again on the honey pot.

Objective 2: Prevent Red Star access to subject M
Status: Fragile success
Details: Need to know.

Objective 3: Locate/Eliminate Red Star operatives in Paris
Status: No/Meager Progress
Details: Honey pot drew out heretofore unknown player in RS org. RS supported by conventional forces, at least one poses significant marksmanship threat. Had potential location on subject Wildfire, RS safe blown by locals. May have to try for “quick response” to RS action, or wait on honey pot and see if any more are drawn. Need to counter in force.

Major Cole Reynolds

The City of Lights, part 1

The Wardens’ investigation in Paris began well. Knight went in search of mysterious contacts who giave him intel on where Red Star might be holding up. Morthos did some intensive research time combing through police reports and French government documents. Ironsides established a “honey trap” at the French lab. Yellow Dragon and Haymaker went in search of a Chinatown in Paris only to learn that Yellow Dragon does not speak the lingua franca. Radium and Yellow Dragon were standing guard on the “honey trap” when they ran afoul of some of Red Star’s people: Some goons, a sniper, and the Cossack. Yellow Dragon was bested by the skilled blade work of Cossack only to be saved by Radium’s swift flight to snag him.

As for the Mysteria front: The investigation narrowed down ome areas to look for her. This panned out well. Morthos was able to find her with the help of Knight, Ironsides, and Haymaker. After a cafe meeting, there is an agreement to meet Mysteria in front of Notre Dame. Agent Wentworth wants to issue everyone tin foil hats…

To Paris

After a rest we are headed to Paris to investigate reports of a team of Soviets who are trying to obtain nuclear material. Upon arrival we are directed by agent Wentworth to two possible contacts; Inspecter Jacque de la Harve and Kernel Manfred Stanis. We begin by heading to the american embassy to speak to kernel Manfred who is working in the state Dept. He informs us in a rude fashion that the soviets were responsible for a large fire in Paris that was burned 5 blocks. Unreported in the paper was the knowledge that the fire was started by a conflict between a man wreathed in flames, a man with tentacle instead of arms, and a man who had some kind of apparatus grafted to his body and a woman whom we believe to be Mysteria. The kernel also reports that the French arsenal of atomics are still safe though they have been moved to protects them. After a failed attempt to see the CIA agent on the Paris Desk and being jerked around by his Secretary we set off to see the Inspector. He is a portly unassuming Man who suggests hat we sit to discus the matter over coffee. The coffee shop is quickly closed down and the waitresses begin gaurding the door with submachinguns. He then shows us a picture of a rough looking man who we think is wildfire, a picture of a man with the mechanical grafts, a picture of a woman with many guns, and a picture of the tentacle man.

Flash Action Message
Oh, Crap! What Now?!?

It has been almost three weeks since the San Francisco battle. The whereabout of the NEC are still unknown but with Carla’s help the orphangage is thought to be somewhere in mountains of Washington. The team is comfortably housed in a covert government facility in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The exception being Morthos who objected on the grounds of his scientific research and academic status. He pledged to be ready as needed.

Agent Wentworth has arrived with the following:

To: Major Cole Reynolds, US Army
From: US Department of State, Office of the Undersecretary of International Affairs

Location: Paris, France

Situation: Potential International Incident

Intelligence has indicated seeing members of Team Codename: Red Star in the area in and around Paris. The French police and army have attemtped to apprehend them but has suffered casualties. The French are unaware of Red Star’s potential and status. Intelligence indicates that Red Star my be moving to disrupt French atomic research or perhaps to cause a massive atomic accident inside of a major US ally.

The US State Department requests the assistance of Department of Justice Special Team Codename: Wardens in dealing with this matter.


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