D20 Modern: The Valiant Wardens

To Paris

After a rest we are headed to Paris to investigate reports of a team of Soviets who are trying to obtain nuclear material. Upon arrival we are directed by agent Wentworth to two possible contacts; Inspecter Jacque de la Harve and Kernel Manfred Stanis. We begin by heading to the american embassy to speak to kernel Manfred who is working in the state Dept. He informs us in a rude fashion that the soviets were responsible for a large fire in Paris that was burned 5 blocks. Unreported in the paper was the knowledge that the fire was started by a conflict between a man wreathed in flames, a man with tentacle instead of arms, and a man who had some kind of apparatus grafted to his body and a woman whom we believe to be Mysteria. The kernel also reports that the French arsenal of atomics are still safe though they have been moved to protects them. After a failed attempt to see the CIA agent on the Paris Desk and being jerked around by his Secretary we set off to see the Inspector. He is a portly unassuming Man who suggests hat we sit to discus the matter over coffee. The coffee shop is quickly closed down and the waitresses begin gaurding the door with submachinguns. He then shows us a picture of a rough looking man who we think is wildfire, a picture of a man with the mechanical grafts, a picture of a woman with many guns, and a picture of the tentacle man.



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