Hard Knocks

Big, brutle strongman with criminal ties.


Real Name: Unknown
Alias: Hard Knocks
Classes: Strong Hero/Brick
Level: 4+/5+

Height: 6’ 4"
Weight: 370 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Age: mid-late 40’s

Notable Attributes:
- Strength 20+
- Constitution: 20+

Notable Skills:
- Intimidate
- Perform

Notable Feats:
- Power Attack
- Brawl
- Improved Grapple

Known Superpowers:
- Super Strength
- Physical Deflection
- Super Leap


Hard Knocks is a former circus performer turned criminal. He is a big brute but not totally stupid. He seems to have been the leader in the recent Bank of Chicago heist. He had planned for contingencies but had not figured on the Wardens butting in. Still he did not seem all that surprised that they had faced him. He said: “They told me I might have to fight you one day.” This indicates a leak somewhere. Knowing he was out-numbered he chose to flee instead of die fighting.

He was rendered helpless by Mysteria and her mental powers as he was attemping to escape. Then Morthos dosed him with enough horse tranqulizer to put down a herd of wild stallions. Now he has been wisked away to a missile silo in North Dakota for interrogation. Who knows what he might know…

Hard Knocks

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