A US Army Major with Mettle


Real Name: Major Cole Reynolds
Occupation: US Army Rangers

Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 185 Lbs (untransformed)
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Steel Gray

Classes: Strong Hero/Soldier
Levels: 3/???

Known Feats:
Advanced Firearms Proficiency
Personal Firearms Proficiency
Archaic Weapons Proficiency

Known Powers:
Steel Transformation
Super Strength

Skills of Note:
Knowledge (tactics)


Cole grew up a Nebraska farmboy. He played football in high school and at West Point. He served in Korea as part of the Rangers. His courage and determination in battle won him a Silver Star. He also received three Purple Hearts.

Cole has recieved advanced training from the Army and participated in the Iron Trooper Project. This project was designed to create an invulnerable soldier. His training included parachute training, demolitions training, extensive infantry weapons training, and advanced hand-to-hand combat training.


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