Red Rider

Pretty little Western bandit and pistol ace.


Real Name: Madeline Hannity
Code Name: Red Rider
Class: Fast Hero/Gunslinger
Level: 4+

Height: 5’ 5"
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair: Red
Eyes: Gray
Age: early-mid 20’s

Known Superpowers:
- Super Dexterity

Notable Attributes:
- Dexterity: 20+
- Appearance: 16

Notable Skills:
- Ride
- Tumble
- Sleight of Hand
- Intimidate


Red Rider came out of nowhere. She has been credited with shootouts at three different Texas ranches. She is suspected of being involved with a recent bank robbery in Flagstaff, NM. She got into a gun fight with some deputies in southern Nevada. During the shootout she flattened all of their tires, shot guns out of hands, and shot one deputy in the foot but no one was seriously injured or killed. Reports indicate she was injured. After careful negotiation she was talked into surrendering and was taken back to Home Plate.

Red Rider was kidnapped and held against her will for years. She was once a champion barrel rider on the rodeo circuit. Then she disappeared one night when she was barely 18. The man who took her was known by Logan McQuaid. He held her on a remote ranch far from civilization in west Texas. At first he just kept her around and tried to woo her. She eventually fell for it and gave in to his advances. From their relationship, they had a son. Madeline calls him Daniel. Soon after Daniel was born, Logan disappeared along with their son. Madeline escaped on horseback and has been trying to find her son ever since. She took on the persona of Red Rider to try to get some good ol’ fashioned Texas justice.

Trained to shoot by her grandfather retired Gunnery Sergeant Mitchel Hannity. The Gunney was part of the 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines during World War I and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions at the Battle of Belleau Wood. She was raised by her grandparents as her father had abandoned her after her mother’s untimely death when Madeline was only 8. Her grandfather wasn’t too good around girls so he more or less treated her like a boy except she got more of what she wanted.

Madeline hannity by haymaker

Red Rider

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