Korean martial artist and infiltration expert for hire.


Real Name: Unknown
Classes: Fast Hero/Infiltraitor
Levels: 3+/1+

Gender: Unknown
Height: 5’3" – 5’ 10"
Weight: 100+ lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Unknown
Age: 20+

Known Attributes:
- Dexterity: 18+
- Intelligence: 14+

Known Skills:
- Disable Device
- Hide
- Move Silently
- Tumble

Known Feats:
- Combat Martial Arts
- Archaic Weapons Proficiency

Suspected Super Powers:
- Enhanced Senses
- Invilibility


Shadow has been active since the Korean War. Shadow has been working for whoever pays the best and does mostly jobs involving espionage and theft but may have been involved in some assassinations as well. Shadow is very careful to not reveal information about himself, including details about gender. So far it is unclear as to how to go about hiring Shadow.

It is known that Shadow is trained in the Korean martial arts and frequently uses swords, knives, and staves. Shadow has been reported to have also used a gun.

Shadow is activley being pursued by US agents as well as Red Star.


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